Fertilizers and Minerals, The Crux Of Our Food Security?

“Fertilizer is too expensive, so we couldn’t buy it this year”:  “We have 70 acres in Central, Texas, and over the past 3 years fertilizer costs have gone way up. It was $3000, then $4500, then they wanted $9000 this year. At this point it isn’t worth fertilizing or irrigating.” -Anonymous farmer-   I have heard […]

Is Keyline Geometry and Keyline Plowing A Powerful Land Regeneration Tool?

Keyline Geometry and Keyline Plowing Geometry and water harvesting? How are these related? I’ve been working in the field of land regeneration for the past decade and to be honest Keyline geometry was quite confusing for me to understand before I acquired a keyline plow and began using it in the Central Texas Hill country. […]

Chop & Drop Made Easy For Texas Homesteaders

Chop and drop is a term coined by permaculture guru Geoff Lawton, and describes the act of creating passively-composting mulch in place while pruning and weeding. In this video, Mike shows us how he chops and drops ragweed, a pernicious, fast-growing weed common to Central Texas that many people are allergic to. It’s good to […]

Why Is Mulch So Important For Permaculture In Texas?

In this video, we describe why mulching is important, especially in hot dry landscapes like Central Texas, and how it mimics natural ecological systems. Mulching has many benefits, such as helping water infiltration, lessening evaporation, protecting the soil from the sun, nurturing beneficial microorganisms, and suppressing weeds. Bottom line, you need to cover your soil […]

VIDEO: Groasis Waterboxx Review

In this video, Mike talks about the Groasis Waterboxx, a reforestation technology that helps to passively irrigate trees, protect soil and prevent weeds. When the air cools at night, water condenses and fills a reservoir that slowly irrigates the roots of a sapling. This is a very cost effective way to irrigate trees without installing […]

VIDEO: Ranch 3232 Campground Tour

Explore the work Symbiosis LLC has done at Ranch 3232 in Johnson City, Texas! Mike Wolfert of Symbiosis LLC shares his insights on utilizing short-term rental strategies for generating income to achieve long-term goals of creating sustainable spaces for all to enjoy, as demonstrated by Ranch 3232’s approach to development! Ranch 3232 Is a multi-faceted […]

VIDEO: How to Make Compost Tea!

In this YouTube tutorial video, Mike shows us how to make compost tea using compost, rainwater, an IBC, an aerator, Drama Green, molasses, Garden Juice Pro, and Medina Soil Activator. Compost tea is rich in beneficial microorganisms and makes nutrients more available to plants, and can be used in the soil or as a foliar […]

VIDEO: Food Forest Tour

In this video on the Symbiosis YouTube channel, Mike Wolfert takes us on a brief food forest tour of a Central Texas homestead. This food forest includes 5 berms and swales on contour with tons of fruit trees, pollinator plants, herbs, medicinals, and more. Some of the plants included in this post oak savannah food […]

Eco Friendly Landscaping in Austin: The Importance of Water and Soil Conservation

Permaculture is all about implementing universal principles with locally-tailored solutions. Here in central Texas, especially the Austin area, we inhabit a unique climate that is prone to extremes- drought, heat, sun, storms, and floods. Mother nature’s mood swings can wreak havoc on topsoil and make our precious water supplies more scarce, so planning for these […]