Creating a Dream Permaculture Homestead in Central Texas

The American Dream is evolving, and many people are starting to think less about a nice house in the suburbs and more about tiny homes, sustainable homesteads, and off-grid dwellings out in nature. But as those who have given sustainable living a try know, having a beautiful vision of a sustainable homestead is just the […]

What Sets Permaculture Apart from Traditional Landscaping?

The dangers of traditional landscaping, ranging from the impact of harmful pesticides and fertilizers to the over reliance on constant watering from diminishing sources, are becoming more well known today, and as such the landscaping industry is slowly evolving. Many landscaping companies are starting to offer organic options and water wise alternatives such as all […]

3 Erosion Control Techniques to Drought & Flood Proof Your Land

After hosting a permablitz on our land (a volunteer workday focusing on permaculture projects) the weekend of January 14th 2017, over 200 trees, shrubs, asparagus and alliums were planted and watered in by a nice steady rain over the weekend and early week that culminated in a nice long thunderstorm Wednesday morning. As the soils became […]

Black Magic: The Secrets of Amazonian Fertility

Bones. Charcoal. Ash. Blood. Feces. Food waste. Pottery shards. Before I began my journey into permaculture and regenerative ecology, if you asked me why someone would gather and bury these things together, I would have guessed at some kind of disgusting voodoo magic ritual. But for those initiated into the alchemy of composting and soil […]