VIDEO: How to Make Compost Tea!

In this YouTube tutorial video, Mike shows us how to make compost tea using compost, rainwater, an IBC, an aerator, Drama Green, molasses, Garden Juice Pro, and Medina Soil Activator. Compost tea is rich in beneficial microorganisms and makes nutrients more available to plants, and can be used in the soil or as a foliar spray.



Important Notes:

  • It is best to use rainwater rather than municipal water. If you have to use “city water” pour it out into your container and let it sit for 2 days to off-gas the chlorine so it doesn’t kill your beneficial microorganisms.
  • Once the ingredients are mixed together, let it aerate for at least 2 days before spreading. The longer it sits and aerates, the more rich it will become.
  • When your compost tea is ready, spread it in the early morning or evening so the microbes don’t get cooked by the sun.
  • You can use compost tea directly on leaves or soil. It is non-toxic to plants and humans, and you can use it as often and as much as you like.
  • Combine compost tea with biochar for a powerful combo that adds beneficial microorganisms and gives them lots of room to proliferate