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Designing, building and maintaining your dream of living a more resilient, nature connected, abundant life can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of time, patience and experience to refine your vision and break it down into an actionable plan. Most of our clients are concerned about making mistakes that will cost time and money while not getting them to their vision. We’re here to help with a balance of practical knowledge and creative problem solving. Here’s how we do it:

Good Fit Call:

First and foremost, we want to make sure that we only work with clients who are truly a good fit. People we can build healthy working relationships with that have projects/ problems we are well suited to providing solutions for. This is why we offer a free 30 minute Good Fit Call to anyone who is interested. You’ll fill out a short survey on our Contact Us page and then schedule your call with our design team. We look forward to hearing from you. If it’s not a good fit for any reason, no problem! Please see our Referrals page for finding another local company that may be a better fit. Our Resources page is an ever growing library of highly useful information designed to help you grow your understanding of all things regenerative and to be a big help on your journey.


After the Good Fit is established, it’s time to schedule a consultation. We’ll meet with you in person, on site and walk the land together. This allows us to take it in with all of our senses and really get a feel for the land we will be working with. It is also an opportunity for us to get to know each other better and for you to ask us any further questions you have about your land that we may be able to answer without going through a deeper analysis and design process.


After the Consultation we can create a custom Design proposal for your projects itemizing the design elements we will be assessing and placing on the design map. Once we have an agreement for design services we will begin the design process. The design process is interactive and iterative. We will present each version of the design and ask for your feedback before making a new version. When we have a design plan you are happy with, we will generate a budget spreadsheet for the build. We use Drone generated orthographic image technology, GIS LiDar topography maps, USDA Web Soil Survey resource and Adobe Illustrator to generate the Base Map. In some cases we will take soil samples and send them off for testing to help us determine how best to target amendments, cover crops etc. to help jump start the soil building process.


After we’ve gone through our Design process, we can start bringing the dream into physical reality with our Build process. We usually break the build into phases as working with nature is an iterative process that takes time and this also helps to spread the financial investment out over a few years, making it less front heavy. We love seeing the work we do mature over the seasons, continuing to gain momentum and move towards the vision we’ve created together!


Observation and interaction with establishing systems is really key. We offer standard and custom maintenance packages in order to help keep an eye on projects as they become established and make critical adjustments and interventions as needed. This also allows us to love on your soil and plants by using custom organic, biodynamic sprays and amendments that feed the whole system. We will also prune fruit trees, Check and change irrigation settings seasonally. Making sure we are minimizing new planting losses. Speeding the long term establishment and health of the system. Helping with the ecosystem succession process we have set in motion during the build.


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