Michael and team,

It was such a pleasure working with you all to create a food forest in my backyard. Thank you for helping to bring my dream to life.


It was a pleasure to work with Adam, Chris, and the rest of the crew, and we look forward to future projects with Symbiosis. We started with a hill of dirt and rock, and we now have a pathway, planting beds, and green color to enjoy. All this was done while harvesting water and nutrients that had previously been flowing downhill into our neighbors’ yards. We also learned a great deal along the way!

We just wanted to express how thankful we are for the transformation and for the opportunity to meet your outstanding crew.


Mike and his team came up with a very creative design plan for our small homestead. They completed the first phase of the install this spring and it was beautifully done. We can see our land has so much more biodiversity and unbelievable number of pollinators. Mike, Chris, and Ryan were wonderful to work with and learn from. You could see how much they care about nature and bring so much passion into what they do. Ryan taught me a lot about Central Texas gardening and continues to support us with maintenance. I highly recommend them.

Mike and Ariel have consistently gone above and beyond – Ariel even took the time to help me get my tractor shredder attached and running.  They have offered solutions on things that have made all the difference.  We were lucky to have them!  These guys and their team are quality – they know what they are doing and have great communication.  Cannot recommend them enough!


Mike and the team are great to work with. Built us a beautiful garden and chicken coop. Super knowledgeable, courteous, and dependable. We are working with them currently on other projects around our ranch. I look forward to working with them for many more years!


Michael and his team are amazing. My wife and I have loved every interaction we have had with him and his team. They started by designing a food forest plan for us on our half acre city lot. We then are picking and choosing what we want to do and what we want Symbiosis to do. They have been super easy going through this process and are willing to do whatever we need to do. They installed a dry creek bed around our house that has successfully diverted the massive amounts of water that come towards our house during heavy rainfall events. We are excited to continue working with them and finish transforming our lot!


We have 18 acres and thanks to Mike and his crew we are on our way to  being a productive  permaculture farm. We knew we wanted a Permaculture design and I know just enough to have probably messed the whole thing up. We have a great map to follow now; this saves us from making huge costly mistakes that we would have to go in and re-work. I cannot recommend them enough.


These guys are amazing.  My house took on water when torrential rains hit. Mike and his team solved all my drainage problems using environmentally sensitive techniques that cost thousands less than conventional approaches and he came in under budget!!!  I can not recommend these guys any higher.  Wonderful!


This company is the creme de la creme. As a long time gardener and environmentalist, I would always be very cautious about who I allowed to work on my land. These folks absolutely know about all facets of Texas-friendly plants, and design techniques that make smart use of water. They are thoroughly versed in permaculture, vegetable gardening, food forest design, native plants, and other pollinator-friendly and beautiful designs. In other words, they know how to combine plants that work together to get the results you want. They are totally professional and pleasant, too, and I felt very relaxed and at ease having them around. Absolutely recommended!


I’ve worked with Mike Wolfert & his excellent team several times over the years, both for my private home and for apartment properties I oversee through my work. I couldn’t recommend Symbiosis more highly: Their team knows Central Texas plants and does a great job balancing classic permaculture approaches with a property owner’s needs. In our most recent project, they took out trees, built beds, added fence, filled in off-alley parking spots built an outdoor living area with built-in furniture, and created a grassy space for our toddler. I can’t think of another company that could meet all those different types of needs. Kudos to Symbiosis and thanks!


A miraculous transformation” would be an accurate way to describe the beautiful impact that Michael/ Justin/ Symbiosis has had on our land here in Wimberley. Within one year of planting, we now have wildflowers that are literally 5 feet tall. We have grass where a donkey paddock used to be, we have mitigated our drainage issues, we have garden boxes sprouting veggies, we have a lovely trellis built, now covered in vines. The team is knowledgeable, respectful of our land, professional, and pleasant to work with.  We will continue to use Symbiosis, as well as recommend them highly to anyone who asks.


You could not find someone more hard working than Justin. While our project was complex and did not perform as originally designed, Justin came back to fix it, so they stand behind their work.  We are happy with the final results, and are grateful to them for working with us.


Mike and his team transformed my rocky landscape into a beautiful food forest, with fruit and nut trees, perennials and lovely raised beds. I have been planting the beds each season and enjoying the bounty! It was made easier by having them install a watering system on a timer. They also installed a chicken run with electric fencing along the top to keep out predators.


I’m so amazed by the transformation! They’ve created a magical world from what was wild. We still have wild, but now we also have beautify paths and a stream bed to catch the rainwater, and divert it into our pond! Plus, they’re both super professional, and great fun people to talk to and hang out with. They rolled with our aesthetic choices, as they changed. We’re all together super happy, and recommend them heartily. Thank you Symbiosis!


We couldn’t possibly speak more highly of Symbiosis. Our nonprofit, Casa De Miel, is situated on 100 acres just east of Austin, TX. Symbiosis has supported the regeneration of our land for the past 2 years. With them, we have planted hundreds of trees (including  2 acres of food forest) as well as many medicinal gardens. We are collecting our own rainwater thanks to them (65,000 gallons!) and irrigating our whole system with our rain harvest. They also helped us maintain aquatic health in our ponds without any harsh chemicals but rather by supporting the needs of the ecosystem. The list goes on and on and on. They have continued to support the maintenance of the systems they have installed as well as supported in mentoring us in learning to care for our own land and the needs of each individual tree.  Thanks to them we are able to support hundreds of people each year deepen their connection to the earth. More than anything, they are an absolute joy to work with, to be around, and to learn from. If we could give them more than 5 stars, we would.


Loved working with Michael and his crew! They did amazing work at our house here in Austin and are so knowledgeable on permaculture and landscape design. They are a great group of people who are so communicative and hard working. We love how they transformed our outside space. Highly recommend them!!


Could not be happier working with Symbiosis…and we will continue to utilize their expertise and services. They went above and beyond what we expected. We look forward to be able to continue the process of developing our intelligently designed (by Symbiosis) permaculture homestead.


Mike, Kansas, Ariel and the rest of the team helped me realize my vision for having a productive, beautiful set of gardens in my 1/2 acre backyard.


The deck and the campsites and the sail shades all looked great and when we had corrections to be made you were on top of it quickly. Nice friendly team also.


You guys have been so professional. Punctual, courteous, knowledgeable, organized, efficient. We have a lot of confidence in future projects now.