Master Plans – Consultation/Design/Installation

This is our highest level, most comprehensive, holistic service offering. We will help you go from having a loosely defined vision to creating an actionable plan phased out over the course of whatever time period your context warrants. Then we’ll help you put that plan into action and bring it into reality.


We offer design and construction of highly efficient homes that integrate into the natural surroundings and ecosystems we work with. The idea here is that we are not separate from nature and our homes should be efficient without losing connection to the natural environment. We always prefer to use local, natural, non-toxic, low impact materials in the most energy efficient way possible. We can provide you with options that illustrate the pros and cons to help you navigate the decision matrix involved in building project design and execution. 

Drone Mapping Services

We offer drone mapping as a stand alone service for other designers, individual land managers or companies. We use our drone to fly over the property taking a series of pictures and then using a software program to stitch them together, creating an orthomosaic image of the whole property

Topography Maps

GIS contour maps derived from LiDAR data with 1or 2 foot elevation intervals. These can be generated with or without property lines, satellite imagery and surrounding area of the address being requested.

Keyline Plowing (Yeomans plow + Keyline Geometry) & No-Till Seed Drilling/ Broadcasting

A proven way to help pastures recover from overgrazing that causes compaction and loss of biodiversity. This opens up the soil to water and air by breaking the hardpan and guides water out to ridgelines where it is most needed. We follow this up with seed application using a no-till seed drill or seed broadcaster to get as much ground covered as possible with roots exuding food for micro organisms. This combo jump-starts the natural soil building process.

This Article goes in depth into Keyline Plowing.

Custom Soil Amendments

We offer soil testing with custom amendment recommendations and applications. Biodynamic preparations and application using flow forms to aerate and structure the water being used in our preps and more specifically targeted products from Advancing Eco Agriculture. This is an area where we are constantly expanding our capabilities and service offerings so let’s talk about what you need and how we can help you build healthy soil for many generations to come

Raintanks/Pumps & Pressure Tanks

We design and install all sorts of rainwater catchment systems from new builds to retrofits on existing homes. We’ve worked on systems up to 65,000 gallons using Pioneer Raintanks and we’ve also helped a lot of urban clients set up galvanized steel or poly tanks. The truth is, most years, Texas receives plenty of water, it just comes down fast and hard and most of it runs off the way our systems are currently designed. We can slow that water down and use it multiple times before it leaves the land to help turn our water scarcity into water abundance and watch the ecosystem flourish as a result.


Our maintenance crew keeps an eye on the projects we’ve installed, checking on plant health, applying organic sprays and fertilizers as needed, pruning and taking care of drip irrigation systems for our clients who opt for a maintenance contract. Due to our extreme weather swings in central Texas, it is  necessary to maintain newly planted gardens for at least the first three years or more for best results. We can help you learn how to do this yourself and you can hire us to back you up once or twice a season.

Compost Systems

Every system produces some sort of output and if we don’t deal with that output in an intentional manner then it becomes waste. However if we can cycle that wasted energy back into the system then we are creating a feedback loop that can grow more quickly because waste is minimized. We can help you design and implement a compost system for your home, farm or business.