We have been thrilled working with Symbiosis. They helped us bottom-up with an acre property we acquired and have helped us problem-solve our suburban backyard as well. At our home, they have helped us become more functional, beautiful, and productive. We couldn’t be happier


Very skilled and hardworking crew. I really appreciated their work ethic and care in doing the job.

It’s an absolute pleasure working with Mike, Ariel, and the crew with Symbiosis from consultation all the way through to installation. They are professional, hardworking, affordable, and creative. Most importantly they completed the entire scope of work on budget, on time, and to our satisfaction.



I was able to keep the permaculture and wildscaped look that I love. I think few companies would have had a grasp of what I am trying to achieve. The solution was creative and charming, and a great fit for my space. There was never any use of materials that would be harmful to the environment.


We have 18 acres and thanks to Mike and his crew we are on our way to being a productive permaculture farm. We knew we wanted a Permaculture design and I know just enough to have probably messed the whole thing up. We have a great map to follow now; this saves us from making huge costly mistakes that we would have to go in and re-work. I cannot recommend them enough.

Kyle W.

My house took on water when torrential rains hit. Mike and his team solved all my drainage problems using environmentally sensitive techniques that cost thousands less than conventional approaches and he came in under budget!!! I can not recommend these guys any higher. Wonderful!

Struan V.

Mike and his team transformed my rocky landscape into a beautiful food forest, with fruit and nut trees, perennials and lovely raised beds. I have been planting the beds each season and enjoying the bounty! It was made easier by having them install a watering system on a timer. They also installed a chicken run with electric fencing along the top to keep out predators.

Becky C