Symbiosis Regenerative Systems custom tailors each deign based on the goals outlined in our initial consultation, the property itself, your budget and any other factors we need to take into account.

After identifying “problem” areas, we develop creative solutions to these existing problems. Bill Mollison said, “The problem is the solution.” Often when we look at individual areas from a holistic perspective and manage them well, what was originally a problem becomes an asset. For example, “weeds” identify niches just waiting to be filled with productive plants!

Next we create a first draft scaled drawing that incorporates the main system elements that we discussed during our consultation. Then together we can refine this concept until it’s ready to be brought into final design form.

The final design comes to you as a beautiful computer-rendered illustration of your property’s new layout in its mature stage of development. We also include a report following the Keyline Scale of Permanence as adapted by Darren Doherty, detailing the major features of your property like water, soil, topography & run-off calculations, the elements of your design that are to be installed, best management practices and links for further self guided education on pertinent topics.

Factors like initial budget and the order of operations influence the implementation of any design. We will help you decide how to plan out your project’s phases and the best order in which install the individual elements. We will help you connect up these individual elements so they feed into each other so that your landscape functions as efficiently as possible.

Contact us today to get started on your own property design!