We love working with clients who are willing to have an in-depth conversation
about their vision for their land, and are ready to create an incredible legacy
by diving into the deep end of regenerative living.

Over the years, we have developed an extremely effective design process.
It is not for every situation, and that’s what we will assess during the good fit call.

If you’re just looking for another contractor, we’re probably not a fit for you.

If you’re ready to have a partner in this journey, who cares for your land as you do,
then we would love to talk with you about how we can help.


The last few years have kept everyone on their toes and we are honored that so many people are choosing us to help them design and build their dream homestead. With more opportunity and growth, we’ve made some changes to our business model as we’ve learned and received feedback from our years serving this community. We believe in being transparent and only working with clients that are 100% a good fit. Here are a few things to consider on whether or not we’re a good fit before you schedule a call.

We charge $100/ hour for consultation and design services. A stand alone site visit consultation is $250 or more depending on time spent in traveling to and from your site and time spent on site with you. Master pan designs can range in cost from $5,000 to $15,000. We can generate a custom design proposal and estimate for design services after the good fit call and on site consultation.

We will be charging $60/ hour for labor for new projects in order to make sure we can pay a living wage and offer real, long-term careers to our employees and co-owners.

We do not mark up materials 20% like most contractors do which can make a big difference in total job cost, especially with inflated materials costs due to recent shifts in the markets.

We do not gouge our clients. We have an 18% profit margin target on the total job cost so we can continue to grow our business and serve more people. If we come in under budget, you don’t pay the total estimated cost of the projects. If we make a mistake, we take responsibility and bare the burden of cost to make it right. If we are over budget due to unforeseen circumstances (like materials cost changes between estimating and installation or site conditions changing due to weather) We reduce our profit margin to 12% to split the difference with our clients. This model allows us to be very flexible and fair within the dynamic, fast paced project management environment as we work to create something unique and beautiful on each property we interact with.

As we’ve grown to meet the demand for larger projects it has become less feasible for us to work on smaller projects and our minimum job size is $15,000 total cost. Our specialty is holistic, regenerative homestead design, installation and maintenance and we are well equipped to handle larger jobs. Many of our projects range from $50,000 to $500,000, phased out over the course of 2-5 years.

Due to high demand our lead times for design and install vary but are usually 2 months for design and 3-4 months for installs. That means it can take 5-6 months from the point of reaching out to us and establishing a good fit to going through the design process (2-3 months) to our team breaking ground and building for you. If you’re in a big rush or have an emergency, we will not be a good fit.

In summary, we are not the cheapest or fastest game in town but we strive to offer the highest quality service to every single one of our clients. We shoot it straight with transparent business practices, a worker owned company, and a proven track record of solving problems while helping you achieve your goals in creative and efficient ways. We are experienced, reliable, hard working and constantly refining our methods to create even better outcomes.