200 Acre Permaculture Project

permaculture in central texas

A brief overview with Michael Wolfert of what a master planned, 200 acre permaculture project in Central Texas involves.  We’re using every tool in our tool box to achieve our key metrics of success. We’re using earthworks, keyline/ yeomans plow rips, no-till seed drilling, brush berms, log check dams, biodiversity plantings, rotational grazing and more.  […]

Racing the rain to build this pond!

Time lapse video of our team racing the rain to build a 1/2 acre pond designed and built in collaboration with Pete VanDyck of Drought Proof Texas from 2018 in Brenham, Texas. We used a bulldozer and vibratory, sheep’s foot roller to build this pond in about 1.5 weeks. We were racing the rain to […]

Land Regeneration Specialists Of Texas

In this video we give a brief explanation for what we do at Symbiosis and what makes us Permaculture & Land Regeneration Specialists in Central Texas.  We are passionate & motivated. We take pride in our work. We are experienced and dedicated. We apply a balance of experienced practicality with vision and creative problem solving. […]

VIDEO: Chop & Drop Technique

Chop and drop is a term coined by permaculture guru Geoff Lawton, and describes the act of creating passively-composting mulch in place while pruning and weeding. In this video, Mike shows us how he chops and drops ragweed, a pernicious, fast-growing weed common to Central Texas that many people are allergic to. It’s good to […]

VIDEO: Why Mulch?

In this video, Mike Wolfert describes why mulching is important and how it mimics natural landscapes. Mulching has many benefits, such as helping water infiltration, lessening evaporation, protecting the soil from the sun, nurturing beneficial microorganisms, and suppressing weeds. There are many different types of mulch from hardwood mulch to leaf mulch to straw mulch, […]

VIDEO: Groasis Waterboxx Review

In this video, Mike talks about the Groasis Waterboxx, a reforestation technology that helps to passively irrigate trees, protect soil and prevent weeds. When the air cools at night, water condenses and fills a reservoir that slowly irrigates the roots of a sapling. This is a very cost effective way to irrigate trees without installing […]

VIDEO: Ranch 3232 Campground Tour

Explore the work Symbiosis LLC has done at Ranch 3232 in Johnson City, Texas! Mike Wolfert of Symbiosis LLC shares his insights on utilizing short-term rental strategies for generating income to achieve long-term goals of creating sustainable spaces for all to enjoy, as demonstrated by Ranch 3232’s approach to development! Ranch 3232 Is a multi-faceted […]

VIDEO: How to Make Compost Tea!

In this YouTube tutorial video, Mike shows us how to make compost tea using compost, rainwater, an IBC, an aerator, Drama Green, molasses, Garden Juice Pro, and Medina Soil Activator. Compost tea is rich in beneficial microorganisms and makes nutrients more available to plants, and can be used in the soil or as a foliar […]