This site is a 7,000 square foot lot in an urban environment. In this picture you can see one of the main swales we installed using earthworks and rain water catchment we’ve managed to catch about 95% of the water falling onto the site as well as the 3 neighboring lots up hill. We’ve planted about 40 Fruit trees that will be kept tightly pruned to save space. We also have 60 berry bushes, 30 Asparagus & enough space to grow a significant quantity of vegetables. The cover crop consists of Crimson Clover, Hairy Vetch, Austrian Winter Pea, Daikon Radish, Arugula & Turnips. Native attractors and insectary plants make this site a haven for butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and other beneficial biology. There’s a small chicken flock that will forage in the food forest. A solar array, house re-built with sustainable natural building practices & an outdoor social area. You can do a lot with a small space!

Click on the picture above to see all that we’re doing on this property!

~ More of Our Work ~

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