We couldn’t possibly speak more highly of Symbiosis. Our nonprofit, Casa De Miel, is situated on 100 acres just east of Austin, TX. Symbiosis has supported the regeneration of our land for the past 2 years. With them, we have planted hundreds of trees (including  2 acres of food forest) as well as many medicinal gardens. We are collecting our own rainwater thanks to them (65,000 gallons!) and irrigating our whole system with our rain harvest. They also helped us maintain aquatic health in our ponds without any harsh chemicals but rather by supporting the needs of the ecosystem. The list goes on and on and on. They have continued to support the maintenance of the systems they have installed as well as supported in mentoring us in learning to care for our own land and the needs of each individual tree.  Thanks to them we are able to support hundreds of people each year deepen their connection to the earth. More than anything, they are an absolute joy to work with, to be around, and to learn from. If we could give them more than 5 stars, we would.

– Aliya