Structured Water, is it real and powerful or another scam?!

Water is water, right? Most people have heard of structured water but is it legit? We’ve done the research to try our best to help you decide for yourself… 

The water out of your tap and the water inside of the cells of your body and inside the cells of a plant are similar in that they both possess hydrogen and oxygen but structurally they are something completely different. The structure of the water inside of one cell, of the 30 Trillion cells of your body, is  like a gel. Gerald H. Pollack describes cellular water as “not solid, liquid, or gas, it is a 4th Phase of water more similar to a charged and hexagonally structured gel,” which is visibly like that Christmas jello that has marshmallows and fruit suspended in it’s gelatin matrix. This charged gel like water keeps everything charged in suspension, and available to move from one cell to the next as needed. Structured water’s hydrogen and oxygens are assembled into a six sided (hexagonal) crystalline molecular arrangement. It’s shaped like a honeycomb and has a permanent negative electromagnetic charge measured in millivolts. You will find this kind of water in pristine wilderness glacial fed rivers on the back side of boulders in a river where water naturally flows, vortexes and eddies downstream of any obstacles it meets.

Water in this geometric form is essential for optimal health in all living cells; it amplifies the bioelectric communicative capacity of the trillions of microbes inside of you, it achieves greater hydration. It neutralizes some toxins and reduces the growth of molds and fungi, structured water enfolds more oxygen molecules than unstructured water. When the molecular structure of water reorganizes into a hexagonal crystalline lattice, the chemical bonds of sediments in the water are broken down and many man made sediments are also reorganized into their elemental constituents and subsequently detoxified. Mineral deposits (Calcite) in pipes are reduced by transforming/converting Calcite into Aragonite (another form of calcium carbonate with a differing crystalline structure) and this form does not stick to pipe walls as readily.

It has been proven that targeted magnetic field exposure coherently aligns the poles of the water molecules and can replicate this structuring effect. There are many devices that claim to structure water in this way, generally speaking we’ve seen documented claims of up to 20-30% irrigation reduction, increased oxygenation at the cellular level, reduced need for fertilizers while increasing yields as well as better nutrient absorption from cells. 

After much research we have landed on the products from to have overall integrity, and affordability. We’ve begun to integrate it into our projects and homes since the Summer of 2023 and so far we are loving it! Use product code: symbiosistx for 20% off of any of these devices. They are well built and can be handed down for generations. These are devices that use magnetic fields to permanently restructure your water. They are designed to be attached to your well house or water main so that all water moving through the unit and out of your sinks, spigots and shower heads is a different kind of water, that unless you have spent much time sipping water out of glacial fed streams, then you may not have have the pleasure to have this level of hydration. Drink up and enjoy a new approach to healing people and plants with living structured water.

Authors: Chris Jones and Adam Russell

MEA Structured Water Device