How Toxic Is Round Up?

Have you ever had something in your home so toxic you actually could not dispose of it safely? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to come in direct contact with or even ingest something like that? Recently a client shared how they needed old barrels of Roundup removed from their property. She said she had tried all the recycling centers and none would take it. I asked if she had gone direct to the source? So after a half a day being passed around on hold she got it done with this number.

“Bayer Chemical Disposal Department at 1-800-325-1224 and Mallory White of the “Safegrowth crop management services” is the one who was finally able to schedule the pickup and assignment of the barrels to the recycling program. They are mailing me plastic lids for the barrels.” How toxic is Roundup if you have spend half day on hold to get the company that made it take it back? Most people are probably just going to throw it away or poor it out on the ground, unfortunately.

This is being sprayed on our food but you can’t get rid of it at any recycling centers. People are able to go buy this at any hardware store and physically interact with it, spray it on their yard where pets and people play but if you need to dispose of some, you can’t do so easily and safely, you have to know who to call. Farm workers and landscapers are forced to interact with this stuff daily in many scenarios and some of them end up with cancer. This has now been correlated directly to the use of these chemicals resulting in huge lawsuit payouts.

When are we going to see safer regulations on this stuff in the US? Roundup gets a lot of the heat and press but our friend Adrian spoke to someone who works with Monsanto and asked her flat out about how toxic Roundup is. She responded that roundup is far from the worst of what Monsanto makes and that we should be way more concerned about the other products that are even more toxic! Please do whatever you can to stop supporting Monsanto. Buy local food directly from farmers who care about their land and your health.

@kisstheground is developing an organic herbicide alternative for those who are being forced to maintain weed free lawns by HOA’s, farms who can’t survive without using them in the short term and others who are ready to stop supporting Monsanto and poisoning the ecosystems and their families.

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