The Edge Zone Permaculture Podcast is a show hosted by Mike Wolfert and Wesley Thoricatha that discusses a broad range of topics through the lens of permaculture and self development, in a free-flowing conversational format. An “edge zone” is an ecological term used to describe where two distinct bioregions intersect and give rise to a more diverse third “edge zone” that incorporates species and features from both adjacent zones, as well as unique species and features that only exist within this liminal area. With this in mind, the Edge Zone Permaculture Podcast is an exercise in exploring the fertile edge zones between ideas and across disciplines, to unearth diverse and novel connections between seemingly disparate conceptual landscapes and zones of discourse.

You can find all episodes of the Edge Zone Permaculture Podcast on the Symbiosis Regenerative Systems YouTube channel.


About the Hosts

Mike Wolfert is the founder of Symbiosis Regenerative Systems, Central Texas’ leading full-service permaculture design and installation company, and has studied closely with luminaries such as Darren Doherty and Mark Shepard. Aside from being a successful permaculture designer and entrepreneur, Mike has worked as a yoga teacher, farmer, and regenerative design instructor.



Wesley Thoricatha is the lead writer and Editor in Chief of and a transformational coach who assists people with addiction recovery and psychedelic integration. Wesley co-founded and ran an ecovillage in Bastrop, Texas for many years, and has worked as a permaculture designer, instructor and event producer. In addition to writing about psychedelic therapy and research, Wesley’s writing has also been featured by the Permaculture Research Institute.



Recent Episodes

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