Before & After

2 Acre Texas Permaculture Food Forest with Berms and Swales being cover cropped by our team

Check out these transformations! Many of them took months or even years to achieve but you get to see the contrast here instantly. These projects take place all across central Texas. They cover all of the many trades we engage in to help our clients achieve their land regeneration goals. Previous Next

Rainwater Catchment

We design and install all sorts of rainwater catchment systems from new builds to retrofits on existing homes. We’ve worked on systems up to 65,000 gallons using Pioneer Raintanks and we’ve also helped a lot of urban clients set up galvanized steel or poly tanks. If you’re building a new home, do yourself a favour […]

Keyline/ Yeomans Plow

Keyline plowing/ ripping is a cost-effective way to increase infiltration of stormwater runoff, break up hardpans from previous land-use practices and guide water back out towards ridgelines where the landscape is driest. Previous Next All Keyline


Hardscapes are an important aspect of any homestead, creating social gathering points, access and aesthetic value. We aim to integrate hardscaping into your landscape in such a way that it works with nature instead of against, prevent flooding and erosion while adding passive irrigation to neighboring growing areas. Previous Next


We’re not just plant and soil nerds, we are builders too! We’ve been offering light construction for years and as of 2023 we’re now offering design and construction for a variety of homes and cabins. It is our goal to be a “one-stop-shop” service provider for all things homestead, including the home! We will be […]

Food Forests

Food forests have always been one of our greatest passions and specialties. Over the years we’ve designed and installed an abundance of highly diverse orchards with varying understories, depending on the client’s context. We’ve maintained many of these systems and learned from each one, continuing to improve our methods from that valuable feedback.  Previous Next


When you’ve grown your own fruits and vegetables, picked them fresh from your garden to eat moments later, you know there’s no substitute for the flavour and feeling of fresh, homegrown food. Getting started can be daunting and there is a learning curve. We’re here to help you figure out where to put your garden, […]


We often install earthworks to guide water through a property, slowing, spreading and sinking it into the soil. We design and install ponds, rain gardens, constructed stream beds & berms and swales A.K.A. conservation terraces. We can often solve drainage problems and prevent flooding of critical infrastructure while improving the amount of water your property […]