Dripping Springs Homestead

1/2 Acre in a Housing Development

The Property BeforeDiscussing Berms and SwalesExcavator Digging Berm and SwaleRed Mulberry on BermGregg's Mistflower and Texas Ever-bearing Figwater catchment bermOlive treesOlive trees

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This property has a fenced-in area of 1/2 acre. In this space we were able to dig 380 linear feet of berms & swales, plant around 200 trees & shrubs, amend the soil with compost & organic fertilizers, & cover everything with a healthy helping of mulch, all in just 3 days! What’s next? 1 or 2 beehives, 7,500 gallons of rainwater catchment installed & to water the new plants & the planned raised vegetable garden beds, & chickens to scratch for food between the berms & beneath trees. Our clients are well on their way to a sustainable, beautiful backyard & bountiful harvests in the years to come!