The Anthill Homestead

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden BeforeVegetable Garden Juniper Posts in GroundRaised beds on contourIrrigated garden beds on contourRaised beds on contourRaised beds on contourElectric fence wiringjuniper post electric fenceGate with Chicken WireChicken Wire on a Fence

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We built an electrified fence around this 1/4 acre garden to protect the tasty veggies from the large amounts of foraging animals in the area. The Ash Juniper posts were extracted from different areas of the property & set by compacting the heavy clay around the base of the posts instead of eco-detrimental concrete. The raised beds’ edges were also from the Ash Juniper on the property. The beds were built on contour in order to catch more of the water runoff

Hillside Gardens

Hillside Gardens BeforeHillside Gardens After

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Rather than use heavy equipment on these steep hillside we’ve begun the process of water management and erosion control by using on site materials to build a terrace bed. Native Ash Juniper trees, which are overly prevalent on this property were harvested to provide the borders and native mulch was filled in behind them. These terrace beds were also seeded with native wildflowers.

Earthworks Around The Property

“BermExcavator Berm and Swale“ExcavatorSeep Spring PondSeep Spring Pond FullRetention Pond and SwalesBerm and Swale SystemsGabion Berm SwaleGabion Berm Swale“TimberTimber Gabion in Stream BedSpillway

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This project has given us ample opportunities to slow & soak water into the soil & aquifers below by constructing small & large berms & swales on contour, digging ponds, & building gabions. We’ve estimated at least 500,000 gal/yr of extra rainwater in-soak & retention is happening here!

House Garden

Wimberley Homestead Garden BeforeWimberley Homestead Mulched Garden

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Our client wanted a Zone 1 garden bed to plant a kitchen garden amidst a beautiful painting of lovely wildflowers. We cleared the existing Ash Junipers, using the straighter wood for posts & the curved wood to build raised garden beds on the Hillside Garden & in the Vegetable Garden.

Rain Catchment Tank

Rain Tank Area BeforeRain Tank After

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Water is life! We always address water first. This 30,000 Gallon tank catches all of the rain water from the main residence’s roof top and can then be used back in the house or out in the landscape for watering. Rainwater is best for the plants.